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Insurance Law is the primary focus area of Aydoslu Law and Consultancy. With our extensive sector-specific experience and knowledge, we are able to anticipate the legal requirements, including the claims management process, for insurance companies and provide legal services in this regard.

We offer comprehensive legal consultancy and litigation services, combining practical and theoretical frameworks. Our goal is to provide efficient legal assistance by conducting legal and technical analysis of complex and significant claims. Additionally, we prepare and submit legal opinions to the courts when necessary.

Our law firm plays a significant role in the claims management process through the issuance of periodic reports. We promptly inform clients of any changes in reserves, ensuring that reserves are allocated in accordance with entity procedures and at the ultimate cost.

Aydoslu Law and Consultancy covers all aspects of insurance law, including but not limited to:

  • Litigation and arbitration services for bodily and material claims arising from liability insurance policies such as Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, Employers' Liability Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance, and Medical Malpractice Insurance.

  • Legal and technical analysis of large claims, including those related to international transportation and maritime insurance.

  • Drafting legal opinions.

  • Managing recovery files and executing necessary processes.

  • Proactively engaging in mediation and negotiation processes.

  • Establishing amicable settlements and out-of-court settlements in compliance with relevant legislation and entity procedures.

  • Actively contributing to the fraud management process.

  • Providing periodic reports to ensure accurate reserve allocation by the entity.

  • Offering legal consultancy for the claims management process.

  • Issuing periodic memorandums on legal amendments and judicial developments.

Our expertise and services encompass a wide range of areas to effectively address the needs of our clients in the insurance industry.

Insurance Law
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