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Aydoslu Law and Consultancy provides legal consultancy services to both local and foreign clients, aiming to facilitate amicable settlements and resolve disputes before resorting to litigation.

In the event of a lawsuit, Aydoslu Law and Consultancy diligently follows up on the litigation process while prioritizing client privacy. Clients are promptly informed of any relevant developments as required.

We cover various aspects of family law, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce and paternity lawsuits: We handle legal matters related to divorce proceedings and paternity disputes.

  • Drafting divorce agreements and conducting procedures: Our firm assists in drafting divorce agreements and guides clients through the necessary procedures.

  • Dispute resolution for material and moral damages: We provide dispute resolution services for matters involving material and moral damages within the context of family law.

  • Dissolution processes: We assist in the dissolution of marriages and partnerships in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Guardianship and child support payments: Our team provides guidance on matters of guardianship and child support payments, ensuring the best interests of the child are prioritized.

  • Litigation procedures for injunction claims: We handle litigation procedures pertaining to injunction claims in family law cases.

  • Dispute resolution for adoption procedures: Our firm offers dispute resolution services for legal matters related to adoption procedures.

  • Legal consultancy for prenuptial agreements: We provide legal advice and consultancy for prenuptial agreements, helping clients protect their rights and interests.

  • Dispute resolution for engagement termination: We assist in resolving disputes related to the termination of engagements.


Aydoslu Law and Consultancy is committed to providing comprehensive legal support in family law matters, offering guidance, dispute resolution, and legal representation to clients in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Family Law
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