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Aydoslu Law and Consultancy specializes in execution processes and provides consultancy services to both individual and corporate clients, ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout all transactions.

We cover various aspects of enforcement and bankruptcy law, including but not limited to:

  • Enforcement and bankruptcy procedures: Our firm handles enforcement and bankruptcy procedures, representing clients in all stages of the process.

  • Research and finalization of collection process: We conduct necessary research and carry out procedures to finalize the collection process for our clients.

  • Objections and complaints: We assist clients in addressing objections and complaints related to enforcement and bankruptcy matters.

  • Dispute resolution for annulment of objection and negative clearance: Our team provides dispute resolution services for cases involving the annulment of objections and negative clearances.

  • Procedures for composition with creditors and bankruptcy: We guide clients through procedures related to composition with creditors and bankruptcy proceedings.


Aydoslu Law and Consultancy is committed to delivering comprehensive legal support in enforcement and bankruptcy law matters. We strive to protect the interests of our clients while navigating complex legal processes, ensuring efficient and effective resolution of their cases.

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